About Beam's

early Beam'sSince 1955, Beam’s has set the standard for world-class restraint systems, from simple lap belts to complex fire and rescue gear and virtually everything in between. We offer restraints and related products for:

   Automotive aftermarket
       - Classic cars and trucks
       - Restoration
       - Conversion vans
       - Recreational vehicles
   OEM replacement seatbelts
       - Forklift
       - Heavy truck
       - Construction
       - Agriculture equipment
   A wide range of engineered safety and securement systems
       - Amusement
       - Patient handling
       - Fall arrest
       - Fire and rescue industries

seatbelt displayThe Beam’s Seatbelts story began in 1953 when a young Oklahoma City entrepreneur started fabricating and installing automotive seat covers. In 1955, shortly after factory-installed seatbelts were introduced in new vehicles, Tom Beams saw the potential in automotive aftermarket seatbelts.

Our company developed a reputation for outstanding product knowledge, production flexibility and the ability to solve challenging field applications. From unique electro-mechanical designs for amusement park rides to complex patient restraint and transfer assemblies, we have repeatedly solved critical specialty vehicle issues in a wide range of industries.