Automotive Aftermarket

Making. Safety. Drive.

automotiveWhen Beam’s looks at a seatbelt, we see more than polyester, plastic and steel. We see the safety of everyone who uses our products, because out of all the custom parts you can put on your car, ours is the only one on which your life depends. So whether you’re restoring a classic car or truck, customizing a new one, or just replacing a seatbelt that your dog chewed up, trust Beam’s by SHIELD and our distributor network of the most recognized names in aftermarket parts to help you drive safely.

  • Full line of replacement lap belts and shoulder belts to fit most standard cars, trucks, and vans
  • Vehicle-specific belts for front and back seats including bench, bucket, passenger side and driver side
  • Push button, end release and lift lever buckles
  • Specializing in unique belts for custom cars and trucks
  • 29 different colors to compliment your vehicle interior