RV, Truck, & Bus

Making. Safety. Click.

busBeam's is proud to be an industry leader in OEM occupant safety systems for trucks, vans, school buses, transit buses, motor coaches, recreational vehicles, emergency vehicles and other types of on-road specialty vehicles. Beam’s is proud to be a leading supplier of OEM replacement seatbelts for these same vehicles. We produce seatbelts of every conceivable configuration for every possible application, from the simplest 2-point non-retractable lap belt to the most sophisticated multi-point belts with multiple retractors. 

Beyond conventional seatbelts, we also design and produce customized products, such as sleeper bunk restraint nets, cargo securement nets, tie downs and straps.

  • Many retractor configurations with various spool sizes, mounting angles, retraction forces and enclosure designs
  • Push button, end release and lift lever buckles
  • Sealed mechanical or magnetic switches
  • High visibility webbing colors